Your IP address is:

If you’d like a plain text version with no content (eg: for scripting), you may use:

You may also request a JSON response by specifying the “/json” path, ie:

All endpoints are available over HTTP and HTTPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service? by Shaun Ewing provides a lightweight HTTP and HTTPS endpoint that returns the IP address of the host making the request.

Can I use this service in my scripts?

Absolutely. The primary use case for this service is for use in scripting.

How many times per day can I use this service?

While requests aren’t currently limited, anything more than once per minute (ie: 1,440 requests per day) per host is considered excessive and may result in restrictions.

Do you log requests to this service?

We maintain access logs to help monitor for any abuse of the service.

Any logged information is deleted when it’s no longer required, and logs will only be provided to third parties where required by law.

Why should I use your service?

There are two primary reasons for using this service:

  • No Ads
    While there may be discrete advertisements introduced on this page in the future, all data from the endpoints is returned in plain text only.
  • Fast and Resilient
    Unlike many other services based on a single server, the service is served from a global network of 187 Points of Presence in 69 cities across 30 countries. This ensures not only high availability, but as your request is sent to the nearest location the response will also be fast.